Smart Lighting Assistant

Lamptier is an independent 3rd party app that works with the Philips Hue system and extends its capabilities.

The app comes with a rich gallery of light scenes that range from spatially-aware immersive light shows to beautiful lighting designs for everyday use. Most dynamic scenes come with pre-arranged Spotify and Apple Music playlists that allow you to combine music and light.

To get started with Lamptier, all you need is to download the app and go through the initial setup where you place your Philips Hue lights on the Space Planner. Lamptier will analyse your Philips Hue lighting setup and generate lighting scenes that are tailored to your specific environment.

The scene collection is constantly updated by Lamptier's team of developers, designers and music curators.

The app requires a Philips Hue bridge connected to local network and a set of Philips Hue bulbs in order to run. Access to Lamptier gallery of lighting scenes requires subscription that is available as an in-app purchase. Some scenes are made available free of charge from time to time.